After takeoff at 0.5m


Liftoplane: after takeoff at 0.5m RSI: after takeoff at 0.5m

The time scaling is 1:10

  During this operation, the rotors have a bit increased high forward winding speed of about 20.3 m/s, providing vertical acceleration about 0.093g over the gravity force and consuming a power of 56.7 kW. The aircraft begins to operate in accordance with the “flying elevator” concept, which provides horizontal acceleration of about 0.031g, having the equivalent Lift to Drag Ratio (LDR) of about 4.8. The thrust force now acts on a large Thrust Specific Area, but the inflow increased to 3.21 m/s, since the full aerodynamic force increased four times. The aircraft gained a horizontal speed of about 28.5 m/s and a vertical speed of about 2.0 m/s. The propulsion efficiency increased to 97.96 percent. The aircraft entered the "stream following" mode of operation, and it is handled by using the biangular handling based on angles of attack with values of 35.0° and 4.0°. The rotors have a PGS-state (8.4°, -47.8°, -5°) with the increased pitch and the increased magnitude of the negative gain. Now the aircraft operates like a lift going up at a speed of 8.3 m/s under a gliding wing.



Before takeoff Getting initial altitude and speed at 9m


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