Getting initial altitude and speed at 9m


Liftoplane: getting initial altitude and speed at 9m RSI: getting initial altitude and speed at 9m

The time scaling is 1:10

  During this operation, the rotors have a bit increased high forward winding speed of about 20.6 m/s, consuming a power of 54.1 kW. The aircraft dropped its vertical acceleration to -0.010g and accelerates horizontally with a value of 0.032g by the gravitational force acting on the wings with the equivalent LDR of about 5.1. Inflow a bit decreased to 2.97 m/s due to the dropping of the vertical acceleration. The aircraft gained horizontal and vertical speeds of 28.60 m/s and 3.34 m/s, respectively. The aircraft operates like a lift going up at a speed of 9.33 m/s under a gliding wing. The propulsion efficiency almost isn’t changed having a value of 97.86 percent. The aircraft is handled by using the biangular handling based on angles of attack with values of 30.0° and 4.0°. The rotors have a PGS-state (4.7°, -53.2°, -5°) with the decreased pitch and the increased magnitude of the negative gain.



After takeoff at 0.5m Getting initial altitude and speed at 12m


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