Getting cruise speed in ascent at 75m


Liftoplane: getting cruise speed in ascent at 75m RSI: getting cruise speed in ascent at 75m

The time scaling is 1:10

During this operation, the rotors have a somewhat decreased moderate forward winding speed of about 16.5 m/s, consuming a power of 51.6 kW. The aircraft has a vertical acceleration of -0.034g and accelerates horizontally with a value of 0.071g by the gravitational force acting on the wings with the equivalent LDR of about 9.0. Inflow decreased to 2.18 m/s due to an increase in the horizontal speed of the aircraft to 38.33 m/s. The vertical speed remains at 1.67 m/s. The aircraft operates like a lift going up at a speed of 9.09 m/s under a fast gliding wing. The propulsion efficiency increased to 99.02 percent. The aircraft is handled by using the biangular handling based on angles of attack with values of 12.0 and 2.5. The rotors have a PGS-state (1.9, -38.6, -5) with the decreased pitch and the reduced magnitude of the negative gain.



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