Liftoplane: touchdown RSI: touchdown

The time scaling is 1:10

At the beginning of this operation, the rotors had the same high forward winding speed of about 19.9 m/s as before, consuming a power of 28.3 kW, but they were switched into freewheeling just upon the touchdown event. The aircraft is decelerating horizontally at a rate of about 0.125g, having a horizontal speed of 20.81 m/s. At the same time the aircraft has a vertical descending speed of about 0.6 m/s, which is damped by the undercarriage and the forward wheel support. Inflow increased to 4.0 m/s. The aircraft operates like a lift going up at a speed of 4.5 m/s under a gliding wing with the equivalent LDR of 2.8. The aircraft is handled by using the biangular handling based on pitches with values of 23.8 and 60.9. The rotors have a PGS-state (12.4, -70.0, -5) with almost maximal magnitude of the negative gain. In the animation above, this operation overlaps with the beginning of the next operation of aerial braking.



Before touchdown at altitude 0.4m Begin aerial braking on the runway


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