Symmetric airfoil


The liftoplane can be used with the wings based on a symmetrical airfoil, such as NACA 0010, which has a close to zero moment coefficient CM over a wide range of angles of attack when it is used with a pivot position of about 0.25 of the chord length. Using this airfoil allows to have low steering moments for all positions of the wings for main operations, which is especially important for the high speed cruise, where the rotors have the greatest IMR. Reducing the steering moments leads to greatly reducing of a possible wearing of the steering gears and has an additional advantage when the rotor is used with the optional intermediate ring, highly decreasing the transmitting rotation moment from the inner wing to the outer wing. Also, an additional advantage of using a symmetric profile is: a significantly reduced level of vibrations existing in another case.. Another advantage of using a symmetric profile is having absolutely equal wings for the left and right rotors instead of only symmetrically equal wings.

Wing with symmetric airfoil

An option of using the presented rotor with the wings, based on a symmetric airfoil, is represented in the chart above which pictures the base portion of the wing of the light coffee tint detached from the rotor having only the bevel gear of the sky color and the wing's shaft of the gray color on the circular base. The position of the shaft corresponds to 0.25 of the chord length of the wing, but its base has not changed. The straight part of the wing is shifted toward its trailing edge to have the desired pivot position. This shift some changed the shape of the leading edge transition at the wing's fillet and introduced a trailing edge transition from the base to somewhat protruded now the trailing edge of the wing.


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