Supercritical airfoil


Upon transition to a higher-scale of size, the liftoplane can reach high subsonic speed on a cruise. This ability is permitted by the low winding speed of the wings of the rotor relative to the speed of the cruise and the speed of sound. For this variant, the wings can utilize a supercritical airfoil to increase the cruise speed. Such wings based on the supercritical airfoil can be installed on the rotor with the original alignment of the wing trailing edge relative to the rim of the wing's base, since this kind of airfoil has a more rearwardly displaced center of the aerodynamic force. The chart below pictured such a variant, in particular for the Whitcomb airfoil.

Wing with supercritical airfoil

Also, its pivot position can be optimized for the cruise by reducing the diameter of the wing's base by shifting the leading edge of the wing forward. Additionally, the wings with a supercritical airfoil can be used with the forwardly swept winglets, to have low steering moments. Another advantage of the wings with a supercritical airfoil for use in rotor is the increased average thickness of the wings in their section, which increases their rigidness.


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