Combustion engine


Using of the liftoplane powered by the accumulators only doesn't permit long-distance flights, due to the limitations of contemporary accumulators. That may be enhanced in the future, but these days, long-distance flights of an aircraft with moderate performance can only be performed using combustion engines. The presented aircraft permits to have a hybrid power solution, where a combustion engine is used only for generating electricity to charge the accumulators of the aircraft and (or) to power the electric engines of the united rotors, with keeping ability of the recuperative descent and deceleration.

Combustion engine on the liftoplane

A modified variant of the presented aircraft accommodated to use the combustion engine is represented in the chart above. A combustion engine of the red color with an electric generator of the magenta color is placed in the aft compartment of the fuselage of the aircraft, depicted in the light coffee tint, and is enveloped by an air-conducting envelope of the orange color, which is used for: cooling the combustion engine, provide it with oxygen from the air, and for conducting the exhaust of the combustion engine toward an air outlet on the tail edge of the fuselage. A fairing with air inlet is used as a lobby of the sky color for the air-conducting envelope and is spanned between the rotor's sockets, including in its interior the yellow color air outlets of the cooling systems of the electric engines of the light teal color. For this kind of airflow connectivity, a minor air cooling stream enters in the air inlets of the light cyan color, passes around the electric engines inside of their sockets of the same color and continues moving through the air conduction tubes of the yellow color to the air outlets, where it merges with an air cooling mainstream that enters from the forward to the fairing with air inlet. The electric generator has generally a cylindrical shape with a short length, and the air conducting envelope is sealed around it, which allows maintenance for the electric generator with respect to its powering connectivity to the accumulators placed on the racks of the green color, and (or) to the engines without removing the air-conducting envelope. Maintenance of the combustion engine can be performed after opening some hatches in the fuselage and the air-conducting envelope above it. Fuel tanks aren't shown here and can be placed under the area of the accumulator racks and (or) in other free spaces.


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