Rotor State Indicator (RSI)


RSI: Rotor State Indicator

This indicator is used to represent the state of the pitches of the rotor wings with their relation to the attitude of the aircraft and the airflow conditions. It is mainly used to represent both rotors as one, which is correct for a direct flight. It has a number of features. The horizontal direction of the indicator is always parallel to the fuselage, but the picture of the horizon inside is inclined by the inverted flight path angle when the fuselage nose follows airstream. The wings of the rotor are always pictured in the position in which one of the wings is exactly in the highest position, where the phase is zero, but each of the wings is inclined by the angle of its actual pitch. Also, there are additional three indicators inside and near of its circular border. The thinnest black indicator is the TAS direction indicator. The green indicator is the inflow direction indicator. And the thickest red indicator is the LAS direction indicator.


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